Doing The Right Thing !

For 6 weeks I was co-teaching and tutoring a full year of design students in the second year of their bachelor education at KADK in a mandatory transdisciplinary course on design ethics and sustainability. In a mix of lectures, workshops and group projects the students work together to find out how designers can address issues of sustainability and how they see the ethical responsibility of design and designers. In this year’s course the students have been asked to explore issues of sustainability in which the designer can make a difference, and to identify design openings that can be
pitched towards the super market chain, COOP in an
answer to the question: How can design support sustainable living through engagements with a supermarket chain?
My role was to tutor 5 groups through design research and design interventions on issues that brought together the students different competencies. Some groups explored possibilities for COOP to support DIY activities among costumers for example through hosting repair cafés and providing platforms for knowledge sharing, other groups focused on how to reduce the use of plastics and substitute with other packaging and distribution principles. Further I was responsible for providing templates and guidelines for the students’ presentation of their work to COOP.